Sunaina Rao

Sunaina Rao, trained in Kathak under her mother and Guru Akhila Rao for over two decades is a Kathak Visharad and Alankaar aspirant (both Kathak qualifications). She has made her mark in dance festivals across the USA and India winning prestigious titles "Singaar Mani" (Kal Ke Kalakaar, Mumbai) and "Nav Gandharv" (Madhyam, New Jersey). Nritta (pure dance), powerful abhinaya (expression), refined agility and grace are her métiers that enrich dance-drama Meadow in her two-plane lead role as Anamika and Radha. Born in India, Sunaina makes an inspiring example of a USA-raised second generation immigrant pursuing a Classical Indian art form beyond the bounds of India. With a Master’s in Pharmacy Administration Sunaina is a Pharmacy professional in Texas and also teaches Kathak at Kathak Rhythms studios in Coppell and Southlake, TX.