Group Dancers

Spectacular group dance designs by Akhila Rao, most delightfully presented on stage by the senior dancers of Kathak Rhythms, making this one of the highlights of Meet Me on the Meadow (USA)! Timing, synchronization and spirit are crucial for a statement of this nature, and the group proficiently takes on the roles of grass, wind, sky, Gopis in Vrindavan, Anamika's sakhis (girlfriends), even demon-like negative powers, depicting it through powerful dance sequences. Fabric props and fast-changing colorful costumes add to the visual dynamism. Kudos, Shivani Patel, Sapna Adhikary Koli, Aarti Gupta, Sulatha Talagery, Meenakshi Mohan, Megha Sharma, Megha Rao and Rujula Sharma!!