Anita Kulkarni

The play is written, directed and produced by architect-artist Anita Kulkarni. Anita’s creative work spans over two decades, two countries and many idioms owing their visual vantage to her long background in design. Anita founded Renu-The Foundation for Art, a New Jersey-USA non-profit with the mission of taking the uplifting Indian arts to global audiences. A trained vocalist in Indian Classical music Anita has performed widely, has published music albums, has had art shows and is an author of four books and many articles in her field. Her prolific work seeks to bring the beauty of Indian arts to World audiences and celebrates art by drawing people into immersive audio-visual theatrics. Anita’s theater productions have done extremely well in India, winning audience and media acclaim. Her prior production Panorama was invited to perform in France during its India run. Her other accomplished projects include Gandhaar and Pancham (Music Appreciation workshops), the event Arts of India’ executed in partnership with Taubman Museum of Art in Virginia-USA, Sangam - a novel dance-music presentation she directed with Houston-based artists and Celestia - a music-dance mystique blossoming with nav-ras (Upcoming). Website: